Monitoring (FCR System)

The monitoring model developed by Fraunhofer Chile Research will be used to know, characterize and evaluate bee health in a limited territory.

Visit to selected producers to learn about their production practices and possible health gaps in bee populations.
Clinical evaluation of hives and apiaries health status, rates of infestation by destructive varroa or other possible etiological agents, according to the particularities of each country.
Agrochemicals analysis present in “bee bread”.
To develop and implement training models in certain territories that will have a positive impact on beekeeping health by 2020.

This includes:

Implement a work system that allows new practices to be systematized and measured.
Digital manual focused on health and environmental management.

Systematic training in demonstrative apiaries.

Prepare a field notebook so that the beekeeper can record his activities systematically.

Brochures with important content related to beehive health:

  • Good production practices.
  • Preventive sanitary measures.
  • Integrated management for disease control.
“LATAM 2020” Network
To form a Latin American exchange network, to generate and disseminate integrated and accessible knowledge regarding health management always with a preventive approach. This network is aimed at researchers, professionals and technicians.
Enable the exchange of monitoring and training results between each of the countries included in the proposal.
To unite institutions, researchers, technicians and beekeepers’ associations, contributing to aligning criteria about sanitary management, related to the current agricultural and beekeeping productive paradigms of Latin America.
Generate knowledge on a scientific basis to support health management strategies proposals by improving production and health conditions in the participating countries.


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