On March 5, 2018, the first phase of the monitoring of apiaries and beehives located in the municipalities of Santander de Quilichao (Northern Zone), Totoró, Silvia (Central Zone) and La Vega (Massif) of the Department of Cauca, Colombia, which will be carried out jointly with the Comfacauca University Corporation (UNICOMFACAUCA), began. Professionals from Fraunhofer Chile Research had a first meeting with the work team assigned to the project by the University, where besides getting to know each other, the Apicultural Health project LatAm 2020 was presented. During this two-week period, training will be given to standardize knowledge between the teams of both institutions, and the FCR monitoring model in Chile will be explained, with which it is intended to arrive at a diagnosis, in order to be able to propose work strategies to follow in the future.