This Tuesday, August 14th, 10 beekeepers from San Fernando participated in a demonstration class of chemical disinfection for wood beekeeping materials, along with the Agriculture Seremi of the Sixth Region, Joaquín Arriagada, and representatives of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG).

From Santiago, part of our team Fraunhofer Chile of the Apicultural Health LatAm 2020 proyect, traveled to the area to perform and explain the disinfection procedure to the assistants.

Dr. Jorge Demedio Lorenzo, a veterinarian from the Agrarian University of Havana and a guest specialist from FCR, spoke about bee health, the challenges faced by beekeepers in the face of diseases that affect their apiaries and the different strategies to keep their beehives healthy.

During the activity, Agriculture Seremi invited beekeepers to work together to strengthen the beekeeping sector. He said that, next to Fraunhofer Chile, they are working to implement a program in the Sixth Region that allows beekeepers to learn the best sanitary and productive practices. This in order to achieve the quality, safety and traceability demanded by the food market.

The SAG delegate invited beekeepers to sign up for the new Livestock Information System (SIPEC), highlighting the need to do it once a year, both beekeepers and their hives.

At the end of the activity, Fraunhofer Chile delivered an instructive with the protocol to carry out the disinfection properly.

To register for the SIPEC register of beekeepers visit: