Unicomfacauca Popayán hosts training for beekeepers and agroambiental technologists, as the first part for the development of the Apicultural Health project LATAM 2020 in Colombia, led by Fraunhofer Chile Research in collaboration with Bee Care Center of Bayer AG, Germany.

In several academic days, a select group of bees experts from Cauca’s department, have been trained by the Cuban Veterinary Doctor Mayda Verde Jiménez, delegated by Fraunhofer Chile Research to execute in a methodological way the diverse monitoring activities in the apiaries.

With the objective of making censuses and samples to establish the practices and health of the beehives, beekeepers, agro-environmental technologists and personnel involved will visit 90 apiaries in fifteen municipalities of the department of Cauca.

Researchers from the north, center and south of the region, together with members of the Cooperative of Beekeepers of Cauca (Cooapic) and graduates of Unicomfacauca’s Agro-environmental Technology program, will support the study of Varroa, a parasite that attacks bees, detecting pesticide residues in each of the benefited apiaries.

This project aims to improve beekeeping practices in four Latin American countries and to carry out a study on bee populations health, in order to achieve productions in accordance with the quality requirements of the agro-industry. Comfacauca University Corporation is responsible for its correct execution in Colombia.

In this way, Unicomfacauca is an international pioneer in a research project managed by important world-class organizations such as Bayer AG’s Care Center in Germany and Fraunhofer Chile Research, which is expected to contribute significantly to bee health in Latin America.

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