Bee Health 2020 LATAM seeks to approach bee health management with the preventive vision of “one health”.

The objective is to provide tools to identify the health risk in the production process in order to achieve the quality, safety and traceability demanded by today’s food market.

The initiative aims to know and recognize the multifactorial origin of beekeeping health loss. It takes into account the formation of human capital to improve practices throughout the production chain, reconciling productive and environmental interests.

What are we looking for?
To establish a network of collaboration between researchers, beekeepers and farmers in Latin America, with the purpose of sharing experiences and generating new knowledge about beekeeping.
Develop a work program in four Latin American countries to determine factors that influence the health and productivity of honeybee populations.
Contribute, on a scientific basis, to the prevention and control of diseases affecting the species, in modern and intensive production systems to increase the competitiveness of this agricultural sector.
Propose strategies to improve the sustainability of beekeeping through monitoring, training and network development.
Bee health management


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