Bee Health 2020 is a project led by the Fraunhofer Chile Research Systems Biotechnology Center in collaboration with the Bee Care Center of Bayer AG, Germany.

Fraunhofer Chile Research

We connect science and technology of excellence carried out by the more than 60 applied research institutes of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany, with Chile’s and Latin America’s industrial needs. We link science and industry through the incorporation of innovative biotechnologies oriented to improve productivity competitiveness.

Bayer Bee Care Center

Bayer is a life sciences company with extensive experience in animal and crop health. Through this program, we realize our commitment to bee health, because we understand its importance both as pollinators for healthy food production, as honey producers and for maintaining the balance of many global ecosystems.

The Bayer Bee Care Center seeks to be a platform for the exchange of scientific information, for the communication and execution of cooperation projects aimed at developing sustainable solutions for bee health.


Avenida Del Cóndor 844, piso 3.
Huechuraba, Santiago.


+56 2 2378-1650